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Don’t let technology be what holds you back from impacting the world. I am here to help you in any way that you require. I can walk you through your set up privately, I can do it for you or you can join my amazing signature group program where people just like you do it together live with me as your guide. With all of my services you will walk away knowing how to use and maintain your online presence yourself or an option to have me do the maintenance for you The details of all my services are below. My mission is to make tech super easy for you because it’s really not complicated. I know that there are thousands of pieces of literature out there that say it is complicated but please let me show you! I have spent the last 10 years setting up every business you can imagine. If you have an Idea for a business, I can help you set it up.

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One on One Guidance and walk through

  • 1 45 minute tech strategy call- I want to get to know you and your business vision. This is where I will put a beginner tech strategy together for you and we will work on this strategy throughout your four week mentorship.

  • 3 30 minute session- After your initial assessment you will receive 3 30 minute sessions over the next 3 weeks. Each session is completely tailored to your needs. I will provide you with homework and direction so you never feel lost. All sessions are recorded via Zoom so you can refer back to it any time you need to.

  • All of my Digital Programs- You get access to all of my DIY courses.

  • Private Email- You will get access to private email address so that you can ask questions in between your sessions. You will get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

  • Final Website Audit- When your four week session comes to an end I will give your website a final audit and I’ll let you know of anything I think you should implement that could help you thrive online.

  • Client Gift Bundle- I love my clients and I love giving gifts. Expect a surprise package to show up at your front door!

Your Investment- $999


My Signature Group Program - Tech Ready in 30 Days- Coming Soon

  • Group Tech Set Up Program- This my signature 4 week group program. Where we set up your online presence as a group.

  • Website and email set up- This week we work on setting up a simple easy to use website. We will get your domain, find graphics and stock photos. Explore Canva (platform for making graphics). We will also be setting up your email list and going over ideas to get leads for you email list.

  • Social and SEO Set up- This week we work on get the social media channel that you choose set up as well as Pinterst.

  • Product/Service set up- This week we go over how to set up your sales/product pages. Payment platform set up and product delivery.

  • Q&A- The final week of the program will be all about getting all of your questions answered and any additional help you need.

  • Live- Each session will be conducted live on Saturday. I will walk you through each weeks lessons on a live call in our private group. At the end of each call there will be Q&A. The call will be saved and available through the whole program for you to refer back to.

  • Written Material- Each lesson will include a workbook with examples to guide you through your tech set up.

  • Group Environment- Having friends in the same place that you are in your business is extremely important and vital to your success. We always need someone to talk to and outside eyes. I set up mini mastermind groups with in our group so you can make the most of the program with similar peers that are there to support you. There is no such thing as competition, I believe that we all rise together.

  • Most Affordable Option- The Tech Party is my most affordable program for beginner online entrepreneurs. I know that when you are first starting out, you don’t always have to funds to invest in a private mentor. The group environment is the best program for beginners as you get the tech help and training you need AND a group of peers in the same place you are in. You can start your business with BFF’s which is a huge part of being a successful entrepreneur.

Your Investment- $444