How I made $6,660 in 30 days with a How-To Course

Here is an amazing case study for you! It’s my own story.

Today I am going to share with you how I made $6,660 in 30 days (most of that was actually made in 4 days), without any experience, without a website, with a small email list of 386 people that I built in 23 days, using free software, free email service provider, with a course on how to make planner stickers (yes, there really is a market for stickers to put in your planner, a HUGE one). To date, I have made $11,347 total on this course. Without further ado…..

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Back in April, I had a brilliant idea to make a course teaching people how to make their own planner stickers. I knew there was a market for it as I had:

  • A hard time finding information when I was learning myself

  • Saw this question asked over and over again in all of the planner groups that I was in

  • Received several messages via Esty from people asking where I bought my sticker paper, what machine I used to cut them, etc

I had already closed down my sticker shop at this time and was ready for a new adventure in my entrepreneurial journey. All I had left was an Instagram account with a small following of planner sticker purchasers and an email list of 986 with the same followers as the IG account.

Deciding to go through with my brilliant idea meant that I had to gain a new type of followers as people who buy planner stickers are a little different than people who want to learn how to make their own.

I was basically starting from scratch.

On April 10th I announced to my followers on Instagram that I was creating a course on how to make your own planner stickers and if anyone was interested they could join the waitlist that I had set up for free using Mailerlite (an amazing email service provider that offers their service for free for up to 1000 subscribers). I had about 80 people sign up from that announcement.

By the time the course launched I only had 386 people on my email list. I got those subscribers from sharing behind the scenes content on Instagram, sharing the waitlist every other day or so, posting in planner groups and dropping my link any time someone asked in any of the planner groups that I was in.  I also shared a landing page that I made for free in Mailerlite as well on Pinterest but I didn’t get much traction from there (Pinterest is a slow burn kind of search engine so there wasn’t enough time for it to set in).

Now that I had put the word out I had to figure out how to create all this content I was promising.

I turned to my BFF Google and got to work.

First I searched for a platform to offer my course on. I did not have a website at the time I was researching and did not want to deal with figuring out how to set up a WordPress site (I have avoided using Wordpress most of my Entrepreneurial career because… complicated).  My amazing friend Google returned two options, Teachable and Thinktific. I then googled ‘Teachable vs Thinktific’ and found an amazing article on the difference between the two and ended up choosing Teachable. I have no regrets. Teachable allows you to basically run your whole business directly from their site for a small monthly fee of $99. Teachable allowed me to host my course on an amazing user-friendly platform, with built-in landing, payment and thank you pages, collect payment via PayPal and Stripe and keep all my students informed via email. I could even use my own domain name and customize my course with my branding. It even allows you to install your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics so you can track your visitors to your course.

I used a free program called Microsoft Expression to record my screen and purchased a $20 microphone on Amazon to get better sound quality.

I made my course on a Saturday after I sent the family away for the day and it took me a total of 6 hours.

The hardest part was not being nervous while I was talking. I had to pretend that I was teaching a friend how to make stickers so I could get over the stage fright!

I had read somewhere that it was best to make short videos so you don’t overwhelm your students so each video was less than 15 minutes.

I uploaded each video to Teachable and bam… course created.

In between April 20th and May 3rd when the course launched I warmed up my email list by keeping them involved in the process. I sent out regular emails with updates and reminders. I also sent emails asking them what they expected to learn so I could make sure that my course was perfect for them. I replied to each and every email response I got letting them know that whatever question they asked would be included in the course and thanked them for sharing it with me.

The course launched on May 3rd and sold for $97.  On the first day I made $3,880 and by the end of May, I had made $6,660. It cost we a whopping $119 to make this course. I paid $99 to Teachable for their Pro Plan so I could set up my own payment gateways and get paid immediately (you can use the free plan but if you choose this they use their payment gateway and Teachable pays out every 30 days) and I spent $20 on a microphone.

So, in conclusion, I have made over $11k on one course that took 6 hours to make and only cost me $119 without any experience and 23 days to build a small targeted list.

This means that if you have something to teach you can do the same thing. All it takes is a little bit of marketing on social media.

Amanda WoodsonCourse, Teachable