Tech Ready in 30 Days

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Now accepting applications for Beta Testers..

Some info about the program…

  • Group Tech Set Up Program- This my signature 4 week group program. Where we set up your online presence as a group.

  • Branding and Website - This week we work on setting up a simple easy to use website. I will walk you through setting up Squarspace, I will teach you how to use Canva to make your branding and Graphics and how to get stock photos to use until you are ready for a photo shoot.

  • Email Service Provider and List Building - This week we will get your ESP set up and get you ready to start building your list. Email is the most important way to communicate with your audience and start building trust. It is extremely important to set this up immediately.

  • Social and SEO Set up- This week we work on getting your social media channel and Pinterest set up. Social Media and Pinterest was a huge part of the reason that my previous shop was successful. It is important to implement these right away.

  • Payment Platforms and Scheduling - This week we go over how you collect payment for your services and how to set it up as well as Scheduling applications.

  • Live Q&A- Every week we will have a live Q&A session that will be recorded for you to refer to anytime. You will be able to submit questions on anything you are needing additional assistance with and I will go over them live.

  • Written Material- Each lesson will include a workbook with examples to guide you through your tech set up.

  • Group Environment- Having friends in the same place that you are in your business is extremely important and vital to your success. We always need someone to talk to and outside eyes. I set up mini mastermind groups with in our group so you can make the most of the program with similar peers that are there to support you. There is no such thing as competition, I believe that we all rise together.

  • Perks of being a Beta Tester- Being a founder of my signature program gets you in at an amazing price! You will have lifetime access to the program. While I perfect the program, you will automatically get access to any new content that is added. You will also be well on your way to booking your dream clients in the next 30 days and those HUGE 2019 Goals that you have will be well on their way!